International Student
and Teacher Education

Enhancing broad public knowledge and understanding of scientific concepts and research through science education is a vital component of the Stone Age Institute's mission. Through public outreach programs, the Stone Age Institute has been actively involved with educating the general public about a wide range of scientific fields, particularly those pertaining to human origins.

Key elements that further this mission include teacher workshops and student field trips organized and funded by the Stone Age Institute in our research areas for the benefit of local educators and their students. Teacher training workshops bring together groups of local primary and secondary school teachers with scientist educators to learn about the science and scientific research involved in understanding Human Evolution, archaeology, and geology with an emphasis on important scientific research that is specific to their region. The student field trips complement the teacher training workshops, providing both teachers and students a foundation to build on their understanding of scientific concepts and the importance of their region to the understanding of human evolution.

As of this time, Stone Age Institute teacher training worksops and student field trips have taken place in the Nihewan Basin of China, Tbilisi Georgia, and Arusha Tanzania. The Stone Age Institute will continue to plan and fund future opportunitites like these for teachers and students.

Teachers participate in the Human Evolution Teacher Workshop in ArushaTeachers attend a workshop in the Arusha National Natural History Museum

Left: The teachers who participated in the Human Evolution Teacher Workshop in Arusha, Tanzania.
Right: Teachers in the workshop attended trainings like this one at the Arusha National Museum of Natural History in Tanzania.